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Laney – Ironheart IRT-SLS


Ultra-powerful & ultra-compact

The most compact and powerful rigs out there! MASSIVE IRONHEART tone in a tiny box! The IRT-SLS offers 3 full IRONHEART channels – clean, rhythm & Lead, separate EQ’s, footswitchable boost and two power modes depending on your requirements. High power mode delivering 3 – 300 watts rms and standard power mode which delivers 1 – 60 watts RMS. The IRT-SLS features a USB Audio I/O and a RE-AMP send jack, which means that you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording – without having to re-track anything! And do it silently. All the tube tone and more power in a small, compact, portable package – the IRT-SLS is the ultimate FLY-RIG. Loaded with great sounding cabinet emulations and an illuminated logo the IRT-SLS is the amp to be seen and heard with.